NEW at the Farm - PORK CUTS available!

Meats and Eggs

About the Farm


We pride ourselves on being a NOFA-NY Certified Organic farm that produces high-quality, nutritious foods for our customers and the animals in our care. We practice integrated intensive rotational grazing, Biodynamics, and low-till methods.  You can purchase our meats and eggs straight from our Farm Stand, the Philmont Co-op, Hawthorne Valley Store, and the Stuytown Greenmarket in NYC. We also deliver to five CSA pick-up sites in the Hudson Valley. Find out more about our prices and delivery options by clicking below.

 Soon we will launch our meat CSA! Shares will  include pork and/or chicken options, and later, lamb and beef. Stay tuned for updates! 

Certified Organic Pastured Poultry


Liberty Farms raises a slow-growing roasting chicken called a Red Bro. These chickens are incredible foragers that offer high-quality dark and light  meat. All of our chickens are raised in mobile chicken houses, which are  moved daily. They are forage-raised, which means they eat the grasses,  legumes, and bugs found naturally in our farm's soil, in addition to Certified Organic, GMO-free grain from Green Mountain Feed. Chickens that are raised this way have especially high amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids found in grasses, making our pastured poultry not only extremely  delicious but also highly nutritious.

Certified Organic Eggs from Pastured Laying Hens


We have two flocks of 200 hens each of mixed breed heritage layers. Like our Red Bros, our  layers live in mobile chicken houses and eat an abundance of grasses, legumes and bugs, as well as supplemental  grain feedings, from Green Mountain certified organic layer feed that is  also GMO free.  Due to our hens' protein-rich diets and their daily exposure to the sunshine, our eggs are incredibly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and naturally occurring vitamin D. We hand-collect and hand-wash our beautiful eggs daily, and box them up in a bright mix of colors. Each  egg is a slightly different color, texture, and size, from one hen to the next!

Grass Fed + Grass Finished Lamb


We have a young flock of 30 Shetland sheep that we have bred to a Katadin  ram for the 2019 lamb crop. The Katadin crossed with the hearty Shetland produces offspring that are hearty, disease and parasite resistant,  and grow well on our summer pastures from May thru October. The meat  yield is fine in flavors and rich in the natural vitamin D that is abundant in the lambs' grass diet. Our sheep are pasture-raised, they lamb with access to a warm and cozy barn, and are fed solely a diet of hay and grass.

Certified Organic Pastured Pork


Our heritage cross pigs are pastured and roam about, rooting up the soil to  their hearts' delight. They are fed Certified Organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds ( that is also NON GMO) , and are supplemented with vegetables from our gardens. (They love squash!) We now have a large variety of pork cuts available for sale in our farm stand. Liberty Farms will soon make special meat CSA shares available, which will include pork and/or chicken options, and later, lamb and beef. Stay tuned for updates!

Grass-Fed + Grass-Finished Beef


We began our beef herd in the fall of 2017. Currently have two Red Angus cows on the farm, and are raising a heifer and a steer. Certified Organic, grass-fed/grass-finished, beef will be available in the fall of 2019!