Liberty FArms Flowers

A Certified Organic Cut Flower Farm Flower Shares

For folks who love to drink in the seasonal beauty of local blooms, we offer a variety of Flower Shares.  Members typically join in the winter/early spring before the growing season starts, which helps our farm with upfront expenses such as buying seed, potting soil, and labor.

2019 Flower CSA 

Pick Ups at all our vegetable CSA sites! 

Members receive a season of bouquets of premium Certified Organic flowers. The flowers you receive are grown by us here in Columbia County on our small acreage flower farm, part of a larger diversified farm where farmers raise vegetables, cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, and honey bees.  The types of flowers vary from week to week, season to season.  In early summer, expect wispy beauties like snapdragons and larkspur.  Summer brings bright favorites such as sunflowers and zinnias.  Fall bears lovely dahlias and heirloom chrysanthemums.  Each bouquet is unique and beautiful, made by hand by the farmers, reflecting the seasons in our part of New York.

How It Works

Depending on the share you choose, you will receive weekly or biweekly market bouquets for 10 weeks that can be picked up at your regular vegetable CSA site from July - September.  Bouquets are filled with what's best and most fresh, varieties change as the year progresses.  From delphinium to dahlias, it's a beautiful whirlwind of color and fragrance all season long!


Except for the Fall Dahlia Shares, which start in late August, all shares start in July.  Details depend on the season!  Shares run weekly or biweekly, over 10 weeks unless otherwise specified.


  • Large mixed bouquets - weekly for 10 weeks - $160/share
  • Small mixed bouquets - weekly for 10 weeks - $96/share
  • Big Bunch Weekly shares - for the impact of a big bunch of a single type of flower - each week a different variety - $160/share
  • Sunflower shares - 6 weeks of bold and beautiful sunflowers, range of sizes and heights - $100/share
  • Fall Dahlia shares - 6 weeks of this belle of the ball which comes in an incredibly variety of colors, shapes and sizes - $150/share


  • Large mixed bouquets - biweekly over 10 weeks - $85/share
  • Small mixed bouquets - biweekly over 10 weeks - $50/share
  • Big Bunch Bi-Weekly shares - for the impact of a big bunch of a single type of flower - biweekly, every time a different variety - $85/share